About Us

First we would like to thank you for stopping by and glancing our services and products. Here at Andrea’s we have been building friendships for the last 5 plus years in the Yuma County area. We have developed a great word of mouth in our community which “word of mouth” speaks for itself in this small community we live in. We strive to provide accurate and basic insurance knowledge for our clients. Here at Andrea’s we do not assume our clients know “Insurance lingo” and we do not expect them to, we are here to explain there many options and the ins and outs of what products they are interested in whether that be a basic liability auto policy to a full coverage premium package or an overall Umbrella Insurance policy. Our goal is to maintain a long loyal friendship with our clients with that being said we do our absolute best the first time around so that our clients are clear, comfortable and safe once they leave our office. What sets us apart from many other agencies is our broad services. Here at Andrea’s we are able to offer what we call Nonstandard Auto Insurance which is offered to drivers considered to carry the most risk and we also offer Preferred Auto Coverage which is considered to fall into the lowest risk profile. With that being said that gives us a greater opportunity to fulfill the many needs of so many different types of drivers.

Once again thank you for taking the time to read a little about us. Please stop in or give us a call we would love to gain a new friendship!

Andrea Flores and Staff